Bitcoin Now Accepted at Vegas Casinos

The Inevitable Coming of Cuber Gambling

Las Vegas acquires another currency. Others will undoubtedly fall into place behind Las Vegas Casino, and Golden Gate Hotel and Casino’s addition of the payment type Bitcoin. Pay for rooms, drinks, or food with your Bitcoin, and you know what? Have more cash!

goldengateThe D Las Vegas Casino and the infamous Golden Gate Casino on Wednesday are accepting the cyber-currency Bitcoin. Cash in U.S dollars is still all you can spend on actual gambling, and it’s understandable because to throw in electric forms of payment, is to have to accept the risk of hackers trying to get into their money. Opinions vary, as to whether or not the Nevada Gaming Control Board will ever approve Bitcoin for gambling, but CEO Derek Stevens seem to think they will consider it soon.


The D Las Vegas Casino is also adding a Bitcoin ATM, where users can cash in their Bitcoins. Derek Stevens was one of the first that agreed that it probably will start a chain reaction. Mr. Stevens said it’s going to be exciting incorporating Bitcoin. State Regulators will most likely be the last ones to be ok with the change, and probably will not allow the exchange of cash at first, say, A.G Burnett, Nevada Gaming Control Board’s chairman.

The gambling industry hasn’t run the idea of using the currency for gambling by the Control Board as of yet, and Burnett says that they have to have been using it for a while before they can trust it. Enthusiasts predicted this change four years ago, when Bitcoin started being accepted for online gambling, and most agree, that before too long, Bitcoin, and most likely other cyber currencies will permeate through mainstream Casinos everywhere. started accepting Bitcoin earlier this month, and they are the first major retailer to start doing so. Unlike regular cash, the currency rate of Bitcoin fluctuates, so as well as both casinos, are going to have brokers right on site to make the exchange. Users like Bitcoin because of the way you can throw it around with no rules, and do whatever you want for free with your money, and many describe Bitcoin as the be all end all of Utopian economy for that same reason.